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Fanoia Adventure Team

Driving Miss Mary


With the new season, our youngest member keeps skiing, and better than ever!



First snowfall of the season


Our colleague Cristina sent us a picture of the first snowfall of the season and with the Fanoia Adventure Team scarf!

Meet María


After discovering the immense story of superation of Maria thanks to her mom, Natalia, we want to share a small article written by her parents in our website so everyone can get to know her. Also, we're ...

Video Aconcagua 2011


Our FANOIA ADVENTURE TEAM has sent us a link with the video of the expedition in the Aconcagua that they made past January 2011.Here we leave it so you can enjoy with us this huge accomplishment our ...

Adventure in Brasil


Our customer from Canary Islands, Horacio Hernandez from ALUCANSA company, distributor of our Filters for industrial use, sent us some pictures of his adventure in Brasil."This is the trekking of two ...

2nd time on the top of America


Our Fanoia Adventure Team has arrived for the second time to the top of America


Attack to the top of Aconcagua


We have some news of our expedition in Aconcagua. Today 18th of January, our Fanoia adventure team will try to get the top of Aconcagua.Good luck team! Great opportunity to bring Filter-lab to the top of ...

News from the expedition Aconcagua 2011


News from Aconcagua expedition 2011. Fanoia Adventure Team expedition sent us a picture from Plaza Francia (4.200 meters) where you can see the south face of Aconcagua. If everything is going good, they ...

Aconcagua expedition 2011


Starts the countdown for five members of Fanoia Adventure Team.The next january 2011, they'll try to climb the highest mountain of America.This is the second time that Filter-Lab will be in Aconcagua. ...

Annapurna expedition


Our friend and colleague Lluis Rafols issue is in the midst of one of the highest peaks on the planet: Annapurna (8,091 m) in the Himalaya.   From Fanoia Adventure Team Good luck to the whole ...

Camino de Santiago


Enric Pérez, Director General de Filtros Anoia S.A. y capitán del Fanoia Adventure Team, se encuentra realizando uno de los retos míticos de la Peninsula: El Camino de Santiago, siguiendo una ruta que ...

Filter-Lab on top of Aconcagua


From Fanoia Adventure Team we are proud to have led to the "roof of the Southern Hemisphere" the spirit of perseverance and good work of Filtros Anoia.

Soon a new adventure and... ENJOY WITH US!

Aconcagua achieved


Was achieved. The Jan. 30 Nati, of Fanoia adeventure Team, has been crowned the colossal mythical Cerro Aconcagua (6,962 meters). After working several days of acclimatization and after 2 attempted ...

Último intento en Aconcagua


The bad weather lashes out in the Aconcagua. Nati and the rest of the expedition have already tried twice to attack the summit but the most extreme conditions they have been allowed to ascend to 6000 ...

Ready to crown


News coming from the argentine mountains.On January 21 capped Cerro Catedral 5,300 meters with a meteorology stable and very good weather. But the immediate forecast is for rain and snow. For this reason ...

Expedición Aconcagua '10


The member of the Fanoia Adventure Team, Nati Amabat is located in Plaza de Mulas at 4.300 meters, about to begin the assault to the mount Aconcagua (6,962 m).Currently the weather is stable and the ...

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